Welcome to the chivalry of the 3rd millennium!

1. What are we talking about?

To achieve its goals, a foundation enables the legal acquisition of a prestigious title of nobility through a contemporary order of chivalry that reforms the titles of former regimes into a meritocracy in an ideal of courtesy. Make history, it's time for a new era...

2. What does it offer?

By sponsoring the foundation, you receive a coat of arms and a title of nobility for the 3rd millennium, authentic, unique and protected, certified by a notary, enabling the renovation of historic heritage as well as cultural and charitable activities. The approach is akin to patronage. Add prestige to your name...

3. How do you acquire a title of nobility today?

- How much does it cost?
- Answers to all your questions
- What do you want to do or know?

Rondmons' concept of 3rd millennium chivalry. Change of era!

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