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...of the Foundation of the Order of the Knights of Rondmons

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Who are we?
- presentation of the foundation that protects a sovereign order of chivalry and its titles

Conception méritocratique
- a unique new knighthood for the 3rd millennium

The Foundation's goals
- detailed explanations to help you understand our goals

Legal basis for the Foundation and its titles and coats of arms
- official constitutional, legal and protective documents

Titles and coats of arms
- everything you need to know about titles and coats of arms

Rondmons Armorial
- directory of all titles and coats of arms protected by the Foundation

Testament of the Chevalier de Rondmons
- written in Old French, is the figurative story of the Order's founder

Chivalry and nobility
- for a democratic chivalry, with nobility belonging to no one...

Origin of titles of nobility
- titles of office dating back to the Roman Empire

Genealogy in all its forms
- everyone has royal blood in their veins...

- photos, video reports, publications, etc.

All you need to know in 2 minutes!
- watch this video presentation, if you don't like reading too much...

Press review
- what they say about us!

Court of Honor
- people who have lent their moral support to the Foundation

Foundation activities
- heritage, cultural and charitable projects and achievements

History of the Foundation's activities
- The different stages of the Foundation

Foundation addresses and contact details
- If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

How to acquire a title of nobility today?
- acquisition procedure

Answers to all your questions (FAQ)
- here you'll find answers to frequently asked questions

- find articles and comments related to the site's subject matter

Choose your own coat of arms
- create your own coat of arms on the dedicated interface