Foundation activities and projects

The OCR Foundation is listed with the UN

Heritage activities

The aim is to restore and preserve old buildings that have fallen into disrepair due to lack of resources, and which form part of a shared memory and heritage, or to share properties belonging to other Knights.

  • Notre-Dame de ParisNotre-Dame de Paris, severely damaged by fire on April 15, 2019, donated by the foundation to the public collection organized by Dartagnans.

  • Le Château Fort de l'Ebaupinaysaved thanks to the collective purchase concept. The OCR Foundation acquired a share of co-ownership in 2018 (see photo left).

  • Patrimoine-Environnement Patrimoine-Environnement is a French national association recognized as being of public utility, and approved by the Ministry of Ecology and the Ministry of National Education. It is a member of the G8 Patrimoine, a consultative body for the Ministry of Culture. Patrimoine-Environnement campaigns for sustainable development, the protection and enhancement of the environment, archaeological, architectural and tourist heritage, and the improvement of France's living environment. The OCR Foundation has been a member of this association since 2017.

  • La Billens Tower in Romont, a 14th-century monument. Entirely restored with CHF 200,000 from the proceeds of the securities issue, it was the Foundation's showcase until 2020, and the base for the reception of the Knights of Rondmons. It has been returned to the commune in exchange for the use of the Château de Romont.

  • The Château de RomontThe Château de Romont, Salle St-Luc, is the new reception venue for the Knights of Rondmons. Visit to the Vitromusée possible.

  • Le Château de la Grande Riedera in Le Mouret, Switzerland. The OCR Foundation is a collective member of the Association des Amis du Château de la Grande Riedera. The Knights of Rondmons can stay at this magnificent 17th-century jewel under the current conditions. Suitable for meetings, seminars, parties and banquets.

  • Le Ballumbie Castle in Scotland, a plot of land adjoining the Castle, owned by the Foundation and made available to the Knights of Rondmons who call it home!

  • The Château de Béduer in the Quercy region of France. A favorite vacation spot for the Chevaliers de Rondmons and their families. The owner is Chevalier de Rondmons.

  • The Château de Belcastel in Aveyron. A true architectural gem, owned by a Chevalier de Rondmons who lives in New York and gladly welcomes Chevaliers to his guest rooms on presentation of their title, with a 20% discount.

  • Le Château de la MoissetieB&B in Aurillac, owned by Chevalier-Farge de La Tour Garance de Rinaudo. All Chevaliers de Rondmons are welcome to stay!

  • Le Château d'Illensbetween Bulle and Fribourg in Switzerland. Conservation and enhancement of the site. The Fondation de l'OCR has been directly involved in a conservation project for the site from 1999 to 2006.

    Since 2007, an association independent of the Foundation has been formed around this project, chaired by the former Minister of State, Madame Roselyne Crausaz, under the name of Association Château d'Illens. The OCR Foundation has been an active member of this association ever since, through its membership fees and the skills of its Knights. The investment is in excess of €3,000,000. OCR President Pierre Bertherin is Secretary and Archivist. The Foundation encourages titled Knights of Rondmons to join this association.

  • Le Château de Mézières in Fribourg. Membership of the association setting up the Swiss Tapestry Museum.

Cultural activities

To support and stimulate creativity, primarily in the enhancement of heritage objects. Cultural events :

  • First edition of the Rondmons Armorial comprising the official collection of 64,000 heraldic and patronymic references protected by international copyright law, edited by founder Pierre Bertherin. Registered with the national libraries of France and Switzerland.

  • Discover the possible stages of the Chemin de Cluny with students from the Cycle d'Orientation de Bulle (CO2), who made the pilgrimage to Taizé in stages over several years.

  • In progress: creation and signposting of the Chemin de Cluny, linking Romont in Switzerland, via Romainmôtier and Burgundy to Cluny Abbey in France. 300 km on foot. Currently being improved. See press article.

  • Project: to promote its image worldwide, the Foundation is looking for a major sponsor to form a brass band in the uniform of the Knights of Rondmons. Donations in this direction will be rewarded with a title equivalent to the amount of the donation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

  • Directed by : the Fête du Sanglierheld on the Illens site in September 2001, which had a resounding impact on the region, attracting over 7,000 visitors.

  • Involvement: guest of honour at Comptoir gruérien 2002. Over 130,000 visitors came to appreciate the many facets of the Foundation, which organized a succession of events.

  • Creation: Le Tourbillon de la Chimère. A medieval dance troupe, mostly involved in medieval festivals. The Compagnie de Mézaïl was created for the 850th anniversary of the City of Fribourg in 2007. This company has also taken part in medieval events.

  • Le Sentier magique des Légendes de la Gruyère: creation of a medieval village.

  • Living crib in Illens. Twice, a living crib was created on the Illens site. Great popular success.

  • Christmas extravaganza at the Equinoxe riding school in Chavannes-sous-Orsonnens: a show for families featuring horses, dogs and flavors.

Charitable activities

By coming to the aid, out of respect and altruism, of people who find themselves in a painful or precarious situation. These works are intended to be local and punctual.

  • Peace 21 Foundation logistical support. Pierre Bertherin is a member of the Board of Trustees and urges everyone to support this foundation for peace.

  • Fondation pour l'aide aux familles de la Gruyère(AFAG). Apolitical and non-denominational, this foundation has no profit-making aims, and is recognized by the authorities as being in the public interest. All the members of the Foundation's Board of Trustees are committed to the cause of the underprivileged on a voluntary basis.

  • Association Saint Vincent de Paul, renowned for its community work.

  • Jaklyn Krieg's ENED association, which focuses on developing education for street children in Santo Domingo.

  • Moral and financial support for Knights in distress.

  • Financial support for the "Entre Terre et Ciel" pilgrimage, a class of children walking from Romont to Taizé on the Chemin de Cluny.
Romont, the town that gave its name to the Order of the Knights of Rondmons
Château d'Ebaupinay, co-ownership share
Tour de Billens fully restored by the OCR Foundation with an investment of CHF 200,000
Château de Romont, venue for occasional award ceremonies
Château de la Grande Riedera in Switzerland: accommodation, parties, seminars, banquets...
Château de Ballumbie, plot owned by OCR
Château de Béduer, accessible to the Knights of Rondmons
Gardens of Château de Béduer, a magnificent jewel!
Château de Belcastel, bed and breakfast
Château de la Moissetie, bed and breakfast
Model of the Château d' it might have been!
Mézières Castle
Château d'Ogoz
Château des Idéaux project for the 3rd millennium! A dream come true!
Chemin de Cluny beacon