Understanding the difference

"A contemporary order of chivalry that reforms the titles of former regimes into a meritocracy with an ideal of courtesy".

Rondmons' titles have nothing to do with old-style nobility
  • This fundamental notion implies that Rondmons' meritocratic titles do not belong to a monarchy of divine right, but rather to a democratic institution under public law. It's time for a new era...

  • It is no longer possible to go back to the aristocratic titles of former regimes . The creation of micro-nations, pseudo-titles or pretences for a few €uros won't change a thing. On the other hand, it is possible to create a new nobility for the 3rd millennium, through courtesy and respect. A Rondmons title only makes sense in this context.

  • Over the centuries, the chivalric ideal has been transformed. There's no point in trying to pit one model against the other, if we're careful to consider that we're dealing with different conceptions of chivalry that can, in some cases, enrich each other.
  • This distinction is summed up in one word: FARGE
    - Each title forms a linguistic lemma: e.g. Chevalier-Farge or Baron-Farge.
    - This deserved distinction distinction is earned and represents social nobility, is awarded only to titled Knights, men and women alike.
    - The Farge particle (suffix for blacksmith: he who reforms...who reforms) is a distinction of the titles of Rondmons of any other order or former regimes. There can be no confusion with these 3rd millennium titles, whose root is moreover justifiable.
  • A FARGE is totally free, accountable to no one and under no obligation to the Foundation that protects his title. He is its sole owner, and can use it as he wishes. ...And above all he goes down in history.

  • A thorough reading of the site is therefore necessary to understand these essential aspects. If these basic concepts are well understood, anyone can acquire a title and wear it anywhere in the world.