Legal basis

Legal basis for the Foundation and its titles and coats of arms

The Foundation of the Order of the Knights of Rondmons (OCR) is a Swiss foundation with the inalienable right to issue its own titles of nobility worldwide. No law forbids this, either in Switzerlandin Europe and worldwide.

These links allow you to consult official constitutional and legal documents in the name of total transparency:

Notarial certificate of law (most important document)
Legal basis for titles, coats of arms, names and their protection

Entry in the Commercial Register
Public deed authorizing the Foundation's activities

Original statutes of the Foundation
Authentic deed of January 12, 1999, protecting the Order and its titles

Constitutional Charter of the Order of the Knights of Rondmons
A sovereign order of chivalry based on an ideal of courtesy

Foundation law
Revision of the law on foundations

What is a foundation?
A foundation is a very rigid legal institution. The most important thing is its purpose.

OCR Foundation listed at the UN
The OCR Foundation is listed on the UN DESA website.

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