Documents delivered

Documents delivered with the title

Once a person has subscribed to a knighthood by following the procedure, they receive a series of documents from the Foundation authenticating their title:

1. A personal letter of investiture
Official document transferring ownership of the coat of arms, name and title

2. The Letter of Knighthood
Official sealed document confirming possession of the title and coat-of-arms on parchment.

3. Notarial attestation
Official document for the universal protection of titles and coats of arms

4. The Testament of the Chevalier de Rondmons
Document relating to the founding of the Order of the Knights of Rondmons

5. The Protocol
Document on the rights of Knights

6. An act of public law
Entry in the public register

7. Ribbon and pin
Buttonhole decorations

8. A document on chivalry
For a new chivalry in the 3rd millennium

9. Legal documents
Documents relating to the universal legality of securities

10. Your vectorized coat-of-arms
Sent by e-mail for your personal use