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The Foundation wishes you a Happy New Year 2023!

Practical information:

Titled Knights who wish to get to know each other, meet or exchange messages can register in the Cour des Farges on on The only condition is that you must be in possession of a Letter of Chivalry.
See the Cour des Farges organization document

- Knights who wish to acquire a ribbon ribbon or pincan request one by email for €10, to be sent in an envelope to the Foundation in Bulle.

- Knights who wish to share their activities or make themselves known in a particular field can send us their website with a short description for inclusion below.

- Knights who wish to have their photo published in the "All Knights" section can send us one by contacting us.

- Knights who wish to express their views can do so on this blog page: "Knights speak out".

Armorial of the Knights of Rondmons

The Knights' Armorial is a directory of some of the titles granted to the Knights of Rondmons. It is progressive and updated several times a year.

Clicking on this link will take you to a .pdf file containing theArmorial des Chevaliers (scroll to the bottom of the pdf to view the entire file!).  

Titled Knights who wish to appear in the Armorial and leave a trace of their title and blazon in public history should apply to the genealogist-heraldist at completing the questionnaire. Registration is free of charge.

(As this chapter is new, only a limited number of Knights who responded to an initial request are included in this Armorial. We hope that the more than 420 titled Knights will be added to this first version).

Links to titled Knights websites:

Center de Vacances La Cibourg. Viktor Stengel family, CH-2332 La Cibourg.
Chevalier-Farge de La Tour Véronèse d'Ervus.

Personal blazons on metal, painted and varnished, 50 cm high by 32 cm, executed by Meilleur Ouvrier de France Alain Longet. Comte-Farge d'Alfange Garance de Longet. See photo top right.

International Art Gallery, New York. Heidi and Nicholas Leone, owners of Château de Belcastel in Aveyron. Bed and breakfast available for Chevaliers titrés at a 20% discount. Chevalier-Farge de La Tour Bistre de Belcastel.

Beauty salon. Body and facial treatments. Yoga school. Beauty school. Chantal Bertinotti in Bulle. Dame Chevalier-Farge de La Tour Smalt d'Argor.

Expert 15th - 16th - 17th century Flemish and Dutchpaintings. Hugues Le Grand Chevalier-Farge d'Alfange Bistre d'Oslec. 0033 (0)685 34 57 54.

International School of Monts-de-Corsier. René Gubler CEO. Chevalier-Farge de Falcon Smalt d'Ernoc.

Gîteet Table d'Hôtes, Ferme de La Planchettaz à CH-Onnens. Deputy Charly Brönnimann. Chevalier-Farge de La Tour Bistre d'Ebfis.

EQUINOXEEquestrian Center, CH-1694 Chavannes-sous-Orsonnens. Daniel Janin, Chevalier-Farge de La Tour Véronèse d'Ulrar.

SOSNUISIBLES: pest control. Mr. Ferenc Sven BAUMANN, Chevalier-Farge de Falcon Bistre d'Uprir, FSD federal diploma. For further information: Tel: 0041 78 638 44 75 CH-2024 St-Aubin-Sauges.

LE CENTRE ÉQUESTRE DE LA THIRONNIERE in Normandy, 15 min. from Deauville in the Calvados region. Welcome and preferential rates for Chevaliers de Rondmons at Chevalier-Farge d'Alfange Véronèse d'Atfel.

Links to friendly sites :

Illuminator Heraldist Calligrapher Figurinist

France's leading distributor of medieval products

Professional mosaic artist, workshop located in Sospel (06). Coat-of-arms on request: 

Artisan jeweler for your signet rings with coats of arms:  

Atelier Héraldique Denis: craftsman creates your embroidered coats of arms on a leather background, approx. 24 cm x 26 cm like the model in the photo. Also 3-D or pyrographed coats of arms. Attractive prices. For information and quotations: Mr. Denis Zimmer, 110 Rue Pasteur, F-57600 Morsbach. Tel: 0033 6 11 21 56 48 or e-mail: