Answers to all your questions

About the nature of the Order of the Knights of Rondmons

  • What is it? It's a contemporary order of chivalry that reforms the titles of former (aristocratic) regimes into meritocracy, with an ideal of courtesy (social nobility). It's not a sect, it's not religious, it's not political, it's not liberticidal, it's not mysterious, there are no tricks, it's public and it acts within the strict framework of the law.

About the legality of titles

About wearing the title

About the acquisition of a security

About freedom

  • Does my title commit me to anything? Not at all. It enables the foundation to achieve its goals.
  • What happens after I acquire my title? Total freedom. There's no fee, no commitment and no mystery. On request, you can ask to take part in a project or receive information.

About Histoire

About coats of arms and personal coats of arms

About the heredity of titles

  • Can I pass on my shares to my children? Yes, all titles are transferable by heredity for a new one-off Seal Duty of ECU 1,500, as they are registered in the name of the owner. A title rests on one head only.

About sous

  • What is the value of coats of arms and titles?
  • How do I make a payment?
  • How can I buy a title of nobility? Here's a fundamental concept: the foundation doesn't sell titles; it thanks people who help it or make a donation, with an authentic 3rd millennium title (certified by a public official and in the required form), whose root is justifiable. We welcome your spontaneous donation, which is a form of sponsorship.
  • Can I buy my title in several instalments? Yes, over a year and a half at most.
  • Are there any dues to pay? None, never.
  • Where do the Foundation's assets go in the event of dissolution? To the Comité International de l'Ordre de Malte (CIOMAL) in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • What do you do with the money from the securities? It is used to finance the Foundation's projects and investment fund. In addition, the Foundation does not pay salaries, and there is no possibility of personal enrichment. The accounts are audited by an official auditing body every year.
  • Can I help the foundation with my work?
  • Why is the title Duc-Farge so high? In principle, it's reserved for patrons who help the foundation by making a château available, for example, or similar actions.
  • Why do you have to pay to become a knight? Read " Chivalry and Nobility
  • I don't have much moneyWhat can I do? It is possible to make instalments over 18 months. Arrangements are always possible. New: get a foot in the stirrup with € 10.

About nomenclature

About the Foundation

About the Knights

  • How many Knights are there? Over 700 (approx. 450 titled and over 250 with a coat of arms) in 2021, in many countries, the majority in France and Belgium.
  • How can I meet other Knights? You need to log on to Facebook.com under Chevaliers de Rondmons or Cour des FARGES. It's possible to communicate and meet other Knights, even if there are very few registered at the moment.
  • Is it possible to obtain a list of all Knights? Knights who wish to make themselves known can send us a photo, which will be added to the "Gallery" section under "All Knights". For the time being, however, we do not send out any lists without the permission of those concerned.
  • How to join the Armorial des Chevaliers de Rondmons?

About activities and projects

  • Do I have to take part in the Foundation's activities? No. Unless you request it.
  • How can I take part in activities? You can become a member of the Château d'Illens Association.

About the rest...

  • What about the sword? The sword was discontinued a few years ago, mainly due to customs problems. To compensate, the Foundation has not increased the value of the titles and now offers a ribbon and a pin. However, compromises are always possible.

About the reviews

  • What about your detractors (press, web, publishers, etc.)? The hardest thing to explain when you have preconceptions is to make people understand that nobility doesn't belong to anyone. That the chivalric ideal has changed over the centuries. That there's no point in trying to pit one model against the other, if we're careful to consider that we're dealing with different conceptions of chivalry that can, in some cases, enrich each other. The titles of Rondmons have nothing to do with the nobility of the old regimes. To each his own nobility. It's time for a new era! " Nil Obstat.