Pays de Gruyères, the basis for the idea of creating an order of chivalry

History of the Foundation's activities

2023: Foundation volunteer activities in heritage societies. Translation of website into English.

2020-2021-2022: the COVID years!

February 2021: OCR Foundation joins the Association des Amis du Château de la Grande Riedera.

June 2020: Relocation of the Foundation's office to Avenue de la Gare 5 in Bulle.

February 2020: Retrocession of the Tour de Billens to the Commune de Romont in exchange for the use of the Château de Romont for the Foundation.

2017 to 2020: direct involvement of the OCR Foundation, with the skills of the Knights in particular, in heritage restoration projects and support for associations (see activities).

February 22, 2017: deposit of the Rondmons Armorial, 64,000 heraldic and patronymic references, with the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF - Dépôt légal DLE-20170427-25232) and the Swiss National Library (BN). Cataloguing and conservation in national collections.

2016: Creation of the "Cour des FARGES". Implementation of the Armorial des Chevaliers, which will be deposited in the national archives of France, Belgium and Switzerland. TV report on the OCR Foundation in the Journal de 20H on France 2 on January 15, 2016.

2015: Opening of an Embassy in Canada-Quebec after the one in Belgium and acquisition of land in Scotland. Registration of the OCR Foundation at the UN.

Summer 2014: the Foundation supports the conservation of the Illens site in the heart of Europe with all its expertise. The project is mobilizing.

Autumn 2012: preparation of a new conservation project for the Château d'Illens.

September 22, 2010: The Tour de Billens in Romont is restored at a cost of CHF 200,000, financed entirely by the Foundation.

October 25, 2008: Château du Châtelard becomes a commandery open to all Knights.

September 10, 2008: The Foundation acquires a building plot in the Côte-d'Or region.

July 28, 2008: Building permit obtained for the Tour de Billens.

March 11, 2008: Creation of a new association to preserve the Illens site, under the name of "Association Château d'Illens", based in Rossens. Resumption of work on the OCR foundation study, with a view to submitting a preliminary application to the Fribourg state authorities. The president of the association is Mrs. Roselyne Crausaz, former Minister of State.

August 15 2007: Foundation offices move to Bulle.

July 22, 2007 : Inauguration of the 300km Chemin de Cluny.

September 15, 2006: La Fondation de l'Ordre des Chevaliers de Rondmons on France 2.

August 14, 2006: Interview on the "On en parle" program on Radio Suisse Romande (RSR 1)

November 15, 2004: Château de Béduer available to Knights

May 1, 2004: The Foundation moves its offices to Rue de l'Eglise 47 in Romont.

November1, 2003: Opening of the Taverne St-Jacques in Fribourg's Lower Town for use by the Knights.

April 5, 2003: General meeting in Rossens to discuss conservation activities at the Illens site.

October 26 2002: The Foundation is guest of honour at the "Comptoir gruérien". 130,000 visitors.

June1, 2002: General meeting of the Cour des Chevaliers d'Illens in Rossens.

March 9, 2002: The Presidial, the Foundation's governing body, is set up.

December 22, 2001: Living crib on the Illens site.

September1, 2001: Fête du Sanglier on the Illens site. Great success: 7,000 visitors.

April 27, 2001: Constitution of the building committee (COMBAT).

April 15, 2001: Constitution of the Court of Honor.

March 2, 2001: Start of maintenance work on the Illens site.

June 30, 2000: Reconnaissance with the French government in Illens.

May 17, 2000: The Foundation's first website goes online.

June 23, 1999: Confirmation of the universal "Chevaliers de Rondmons" trademark.

March 25, 1999: Conseil d'Etat ruling on the legality of issuing securities.

February 12, 1999: Act of incorporation of the Order of the Knights of Rondmons.

1997 to 1999: Gestation of the project, creation of coats of arms and titles, notarial protection, official documents, law, trademark, state approval.

June1, 1997: Pierre Bertherin decides to create a democratic Order of Knighthood based on the Testament du Chevalier de Rondmons, his own story.