Wearing the title

Wearing a Rondmons title

Wearing a Farge de Rondmons title is legal
in every state in the world

  • Emanating from a sovereign and universal order of chivalry that enjoys official recognition, a Farge de Rondmons title is perfectly legal in Switzerlandin Europe and all states of the world. International law authorizes it.

  • It may be mentioned with the coat of arms on all documents, business cards, letterhead, juxtaposed with the signature, curriculum vitae, telephone directories, announcements, social directories, credit cards (provided there is sufficient space) or any other personal or official document without restriction.
  • An OCR title is presented as follows:
    Mr Alain MUSTER
    Baron-Farge de La Tour Smalt d'Armor

Like any title of nobility issued by an order of chivalry, it does not form part of a person's civil status identity, and is therefore not subject to the laws governing the wearing of a foreign title, notably in France and Belgium, but also in every other country in the world.

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In France, with a prefectoral agreement, albeit highly regulated, a title can be mentioned on the passport or identity card as a " pseudonym " or " nom d'usage " under certain conditions. certain conditions. In Switzerland, "titles and ranks are not recorded" ZSTV ordinance, 211.112.2, Art. 25, in force since 2011, but may appear and be worn without restriction everywhere else. (See examples below)

However, the Foundation does not guarantee these registrations, nor does it take any steps in this direction. It advises anyone against acquiring a title for this reason alone.

Would you like to add a title to your coat of arms? See " Derogations " .

Example of a nom d'usage registration in France
Example of an entry in a French passport under a nom d'usage, with a personal signature and a seal showing the title.
Example of a pseudonym registration in France
Example of a title entry on a Belgian identity card
Example of a business card