Acquire a title

How do you acquire a title of nobility today ?

  • On-line right now ! Open to all !
  • Or call 0041 (0)79 210 8000 and we'll give you more information.
  • You can also make an appointment to visit our offices, av. de la Gare 5, CH-1630 Bulle, Switzerland.

The principle of acquiring a title: "You help the Foundation (through a contribution, patronage, sponsorship or sponsorship), and receive a title in gratitude".

Proceed in 3 steps:

1. Site visit: browse the pages of our site and watch the video .
(Follow the links from the first visit, which will take you back to this page.)

Carefully read the Protocol and, if you haven't already read it, the legal basis for the legal basis for titles of Rondmons.

2. Choice of coat of arms choose a coat of arms by looking at the variant you like best, and send it to us using the form provided or by phone.

3. Contribution: put " a foot in the stirrup " with €10. Otherwise you pay a minimum contribution of Ecus 300.- (€ 300.-) on the value of your share
(Your payment is automatically matched to the choice of coat of arms).

Then :

  • The Foundation sends you an e-mail confirming the availability of the coat of arms and assigns you a knighthood, then asks for your approval, as shown in this example.

  • You pay the balance of your Seal Duty all at once or in  instalments. Then there's no annual fee, no commitment and no mystery ! Need reassurance?

  • The Foundation publishes your Letter of Knighthood as well as all documents and informs you personally of the method of delivery.

  • If you have any practical questions, please call 0041 (0)79 210 8000 or leave a message on