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A frequent request :

Can I pass on my title to my children? Yes, all titles are transferable by heredity for a new one-off Seal Duty of ECU 1,500 for any title.

Another frequent request:

"I already have a family coat of arms (or a personal coat of arms) and would like to add a title. Is this possible?" See chapter on derogations.

I'd like to become a knight but I don't have the means; can I work for the Foundation?

The Foundation would like to be able to respond favorably to all requests from people who have this wish. With the crisis dragging on in Europe, all possibilities in this direction have been exhausted. However, the Foundation is striving to find solutions, in the knowledge that the smallest of actions will always be better than the greatest of intentions! With this in mind, it's worth noting that future Knights pay a monthly fee of €10, which, over time, becomes their Seal Duty for the acquisition of their title. We believe that this option is available to everyone.
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