Who we are

The Foundation of the Order of the Knights of Rondmons (OCR) thanks you for your interest in visiting this site.

We are pleased to present it to you in a few paragraphs:


Its most apt definition is: "A contemporary order of chivalry that reforms the titles of ancient regimes into meritocracy with an ideal of courtesy."

" The Testament of the Chevalier de Rondmons " was the cornerstone of the Order of Chivalry of the same name.

It is therefore a testament to the spirit of chivalry and nobility in which the order is rooted, and a reflection of a concrete and modern desire to act, through local cultural and charitable works and the preservation of shared historical heritage.

The foundation of this democratic order of chivalry is communication and courtesy. It also aims to leave its mark on history.

The Foundation, which protects the order and its titles , is open to all, men and women alike, regardless of political criteria, nationality, sex, age, religion, race or judgement.

What does it offer?

It offers its Knights the opportunity to bear witness to this spirit, through the acquisition of a unique and protected title of knighthood, certified by a notary with whom titles and coats of arms enjoy universal protection.

The choice and decision toacquire a title is up to each individual. No reason is required, whether it's to make a dream come true, to enjoy wearing a title, or to contribute to one of the Foundation's projects.

It delivers the title to the Knight as soon as the Seal Duty (value of the titles) has been paid. The Knight or Lady Knight then receives his or her title and coat-of-arms in the form of a Letter of Knighthood, together with all related official documents.

All titles enjoy official recognition and can be legally worn worldwide without restriction, as they emanate from a sovereign and universal order of chivalry. They represent a new form of chivalry for the 3rd millennium, accessible to all, completely independent of states or former regimes.

What am I committing myself to?

Each Knight is free of any commitment. There are no constraints, no annual fees, and no mysteries within the Foundation, which advocates total transparency. It is neither political nor religious, and organizes no meetings. No one is obliged to take part in the Foundation's activities unless they ask to do so.

A title confers on its holder a right of use over the Foundation's assets.

Once the Seal Duty has been paid, your chosen title will be officially presented to you, or simply sent to you by post. Afterwards, Knights who wish to meet can join the Cour des Farges on Facebook.

The Knights, who are not bound by any obligation, may consult the web pages of this site for the latest news, it being understood that the Foundation respects the rules of confidentiality in its communications.

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Pierre Bertherin
Founding Chairman

How do you acquire a title?

What we suggest is a thorough visit of this site and a viewing of our video presentation, or if necessary, a telephone conversation, or even an interview to present the Foundation in detail (Act of incorporation of the Order, Statutes, Armorial, composition of the coat of arms, castles, notarial deed, privileges, Court of Honor etc.). Feel free to consult our FAQ section, which answers many questions, including the value of coats of arms and titles.

You can then refer to the procedure for obtaining a title on this same site, starting by choosing a coat of arms, according to the principle "you help the Foundation, you receive a title in gratitude". Welcome to take this step. Financial worries? Read on.

"Chivalry does not belong to a glorious past. It is possible for each of us, according to our own aspiration, to follow it." By becoming a Knight of the Order of the Knights of Rondmons, you enter directly into the legend andhistory of chivalry.